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Dilyara and Omar

Engagement photo session in Dubai

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Engagement photo session in Dubai

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Engagement photo session in Dubai

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Engagement photo session in the desert 

Some people may doubt if they really need a professional engagement photo session before their wedding. From our experience, every marriage has a unique romantic story behind it and an engagement photo session enables you and your beloved one to re-enact your story and go through those sweet memories again to save them for later generations. Moreover, an engagement photo session gives you an opportunity to establish a rapport with your wedding photographer and learn to relax in front of a camera. Being completely comfortable with your photographer on a wedding day is an important prerequisite to great bridal photographs. That is why you need to order services of bridal photographer in Dubai.

Bridal Photo Session in Dubai

Imagine your bridal photo session in Dubai or Abu Dhabi: the two of you enjoying the company of each other at a beautiful location – in a desert oasis overlooking the rolling sand dunes, on a beach or a boat, at your favorite park or downtown with the magnificent skyline behind you. All these moments can be captured and saved for ever. Call Violet Studio today to start creating your unique story!

Bridal Photographer Services in Abu Dhabi

Bridal photography in the UAE is a popular profession and you will find many photographers, including amateurs, offering their services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Choosing the correct bridal photographer in Abu Dhabi need not be stressful. Make sure to turn to professionals if you want stunning romantic engagement and wedding photographs! The alternative is a false economy. We at Violet Studio can provide you with experienced creative bridal photographer in Abu Dhabi at an affordable price! Call us today for more information.