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This time our team has had a pleasure of working on a collaboration photo shoot with The Big Night event company. Gauri Chadha Rupani, the co-founder and the managing director of The Big Night, who runs this company with her partner and husband, Kunal Rupani, is revealing the idea behind this heavenly beautiful Athena theme and is sharing with us how The Big Night came to life: 

"Athena was inspired by a deep curiosity to explore the world that lays above the clouds where new dimensions of gravity and norm are redefined. In partnership with Ali Bakhtiar Designs the dreams of this new realm gave birth to this concept that breathes a gentle yet fierce world, like the greek goddess herself. The boundaries of imagination release themselves, leaving us with a poetic air that paves the way for us to reminisce in a world that reminds us of the freedom of being. Welcome to Athena! 

Athena is designed for all those curious minds who follow the pulse of their own heart! Be it a backdrop, a stage, a runway, a theme or an entire new world, Athena is your doorway to a new space in time that remains for eternity.

The Big Night actually came to life through our own journey of getting married! We absolutely fell in love with the creative process that creates memories that truly last for a lifetime. With a background in film directing and real estate we were quickly bitten with the desire to bring spaces to life and tell thematically stories to create experiences that remain unforgettable. Be it a product launch, wedding, birthday, baby shower or any celebration in the book you can always count on us! Having been on the other side you can be rest assured that your needs will be met with a strong professional, bespoke, personalized and reliable service. We understand the importance of an event in your life so let us manage your big night to make it a night to remember! As we say, “A little party never hurt anybody” so go on, give us a shout and celebrate away!"



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