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Natalia and Grayden

Grayden is a pilot and Natalia is an ex-cabin crew. They met more than four years ago on one of Natalia's first flights with her ex-airline. After a short conversation they developed an instant connection that grew into a strong and lasting friendship, which later transformed into a relationship and engagement. 

There is story to their engagement. Grayden proposed when they went out racing on their 18-foot sailing catamaran. Grayden's plan was to win that race and in a triumphal celebration of victory to pull out the ring and kneel down. The race did not go down the way it was planned. Half way through the race the catamaran capsized. Quick-witted Grayden thought that opportunity was just as good. Standing on the sideboard of the catamaran trying to recover it back into its upright position, Grayden pretended as if something was pressing on his chest through the pocket of his life vest. Natalia, frightened that Grayden might have injured himself when they capsized, rushed to open his vest pocket only to find a little jewelry box with an engagement ring in it. That was a truly overwhelming moment for both of them and thankfully the ring was not dropped overboard. 

One month later Natalia and Grayden celebrated their marriage at the Jebel Ali Christ Church in Dubai, surrounded by family and close friends, many of whom had come from overseas to join the couple on that special occasion. 

The wedding reception took place at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, at the same yacht club where the couple got engaged. After a round of hugs and speeches at the wedding reception, the newlywed Natalia and Grayden joined our photographer Valery for a portrait photo session in the garden and at the beach of the resort. Blue sky, crimson sunset, and warm gentle sea breeze created excellent conditions for a relaxed portrait session. 


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